Electric vehicles relative, mold, machine tools and any precision metal parts components

Based on 29 years vast experience of metallurgical, technical design abilities, which support our marketing department to build wide range supply chain platform of metal manufacturers in Taiwan, therefore always to serve our domestic and abroad customer demands well, either component parts or final products, As well as mechanical design optical metal component and AS-9100D aerospace metal parts unit business in excellence.We are professional in manufacturing electric vehicles, self-driving cars and hybrid vehicles’ sensing lenses both 3D LiDAR & ADAS system.
We confident to process and manage this wide range field, major series items mentioned as following—
  • all kind Automotive Lens
  • relative metal alloy parts manufacturing for four wheel vehicle, such as –Suspension Parts (lower arm, tie rod end), Engine Parts (piston, piston ring, cylinder body + head, crank shaft), certainly content aluminum alloy material & machining component for MRT, BUS, lighting truck……
  • advanced design component for Bike, Motorcycle
  • medical equipment metal parts requirement in stainless, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy
  • All kind advanced sporting goods needed metal part set for ski instrument, in land skate aluminum chassis, Golf equipment, Health equipment.
  • series aluminum heat-sink solution and relative designed parts for LED light or 3G , 4G electric metal parts.
  • relative machine tooling for machinery
  • relative moulds for above mentioned manufacturing needed.
  • newly advanced parts for hybrid electric vehicle and autonomous vehicles
  • Manufacture and provide various precision parts required for the maintenance of semiconductor equipment.