Your any preceding inquiry guide into comprehensive communication for mechanical drawings design, complex machining, technology information requirement always appreciated.


Since the company ‘s inception in 1994 design for wide range optical products majorin all kind optical lens mechanical, we have continuously accumulated rich experience in various metal precision processing capabilities, metallurgy and technical design capabilities.

By integrating various related manufacturing resources in Taiwan, we can always successfully complete various customized orders from customers all over the world.

These extensive customization requirements cover advanced electric vehicle motor parts, autopilot lens peripheral parts, lidar peripheral parts, various vehicle lens metal components, various medical precision equipment parts, various optical lens parts, and civil aviation aircraft parts etc.

We also have a variety of high-end processing and production equipment. For various orders that require high-precision processing, we can definitely meet the demand steadily.

We compliant ISO 9001-2015 quality certification and AS9100D aviation certification. Through MIL-STD-1916 SPC/CPK inspection and testing, we can ensure that the strict requirements of drawing tolerances are fully meet IT/NDA rale.

Customers from all over the world, you can rest assured, entrust your special needs to us for manufacturing. We will provide you with carefully manufactured components. You will get the best quality products at the best price and defend your reputation in the world market.

Metallurgical platforms’ business performance

  • aluminum alloy in extruding, die-casting, forging, wax-lost casting. series 2000 5000 6000 7000
  • copper and alloy steel 15-5, 17-4
  • magnesium alloy and strength titanium alloy 6-4, 7-3
  • metal forming processes of punching, pressing, shearing, sawing, bending, hydraulic, panel forming, welding, riveting
  • heat-treatment, annealing, surface conditions of aluminum black & silk mat anodized, plasma anode; metal electrocoating, powder coating, chemical plating advantages to meet low organic level.