Commercial OEM ∕ Customs Optical

Our associated material vendors in Taiwan own technologies to process aluminum alloy, extruding, die-casting, forging, wax-lost casing, heat-treatment, surface condition of grinding, polishing, black & silk mat anodizing, painting, powder coating, plasma micro-arc oxidation ….. Actually we complex machined and processed mechanical design optical lenses metal component as per customers’ 3D modelling + drawing tolerance needed, either R&D prototype lead time or regular shipment on time delivery, every time to meet customers’ satisfaction, which cover to all kind optical lenses.

  • whole set LCD Projector lenses with super wide angle
  • DSLR variable focal length zoom lenses
  • MILC zoom lenses
  • Automotive Lens
  • medical facility lenses
  • VR/AR/MR multiplex lenses
  • 3D lenses and HD lens for camcorders
  • Cine-style lenses and broadcasting lenses
  • fish-eye lens with super wide angle
  • day and night vision lenses
  • thermal imaging lenses
  • binoculars & telescopes
  • objective camera lenses
  • astronomy optics lenses
  • zoom lens for CCTV and security camera
  • photo copier & image scanner lenses
  • Riflescopes, Laser Riflescope, Laser Rangefinder
  • Mechanical parts of electric cars, autonomous vehicles, and hybrid cars’ sensing lenses